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mädmäx – basement jazz on vinyl.

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Available on June 16, 2023

Forgotten music, digged, sampled and freshly squeezed by BoomBap producer mädmäx from Hamburg. With a lot of japanese Jazz from the 70s he assembled his first solo vinyl. His Album is called “Basement Jazz” and keeps Swing, love for the detail, a magnificent guest list and creative flips company. Soundwise this project is clearly influenced by artists like Twit One, High John, as well as early stuff by Flo Filz or Hulk Hodn. The record comes in a limited colour run of 250 pieces. Better be quick.


  1. Enjoy The Jazz (feat. SkiDs)
  2. Maestro (feat. High John)
  3. Walking in the Rain
  4. Midnight Distortions
  5. Magic Touch (feat. SkiDs)
  6. Moonlight Oasis
  7. Basement Jazz (feat. MF Eistee)
  8. Autumn Leaves (feat. WOX)
  9. Highlands
  10. Sweet Memories
  11. Inner Conscience
  12. Playin’ Around (feat. Maple Syrup)

Artwork: Peter Schulz
Mix: mädmäx
Mastering: STAUB Audio
A’n’R: Patrick Gerner
Art Direction: mädmäx, Peter Schulz, Patrick Gerner

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