Jules Hiero – Kleoniki’s Kitchen (12”) + Bonus Item


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Jules first big “solo” Album comes with a lot of guests and a lot of love aswell. The 12″ is packed with lovely features that will surprise you. Limited to 250 pieces.

If there is one thing that’s sure in life, it is that everyone has a favorite dish that tastes best when cooked at home. For Jules Hiero this was always at his granny’s. “Kleoniki’s Kitchen“ is the name of Jules Hiero’s big solo Album for which he invited a few friends to cook up some jazz beats. It will be released digital and also on vinyl. Jules worked together with the music label Besser-Samstag from Germany. All Artworks are drawn by Artist Kilo Blimp.

Music written by: Jules Hiero and his features
Mix: Jules Hiero
Master: Staub Audio
Artwork: Kilo Blimp
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