High John – High Jazz (12”)


40 minutes of superb Jazz-Beats by one of Hamburgs nicest and kindest beat producers out there.

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High John released a series of  wonderful EPs which were packed together as “High Jazz” a vinyl with roughly 40minutes of playtime consisting of finest beats and modern jazz vibes.

It’s a Gatefold and the Coverart is by Robert Winter and Jeremias Diekman! Don’t sleep on this one – limited to 250 copies.

1. Hold On
2. Damn Son
3. Street Corner
4. Diving Deep 
5. Love Letter
6. Sometimes I Just Wanna Be Alone
7. Above The Clouds 
8. Dreamy Eyes ft. Pachakuti
9. When Ships Leave
10. Know Whats Valuable
11. Sky High
12. Keeps Getting Better
13. In Front Of The Opera ft. Pachakuti
14. Mailbox Message
15. If There’s Heaven
16. Ups And Downs
17. Last Minute
18. Never Forget Where You Came From
19. Train Ride
20. Wine And Dine

It was released on August 16, 2021

All Beats by High John
Additional Sax on “Dreamy Eyes” and “In Fron Of The Opera” by Pachakuti
Coverart: Robert Winter & Jeremias Diekman
Label: Besser-Samstag

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